Hypodontia is an inherited condition characterized by developmentally missing teeth. The condition includes patients that are missing up to five permanent teeth without taking into account absent third molars (wisdom teeth). In cases where a patient is missing six or… Read More

Supernumerary Teeth

Hyperdontia is the condition of having one or more additional teeth to the regular series of 32 permanent teeth. These extra teeth are commonly known as supernumerary teeth. Supernumerary teeth can be found in any region of the dental arch… Read More


Everyone’s flossing right? Actually no – nearly 40% of Australians never floss when they should be cleaning between their teeth at least once a day. Contact South Yarra Family Dental Care Today • Call us on 03 98671151 • Email… Read More

Dental Health week

Dental health is an ongoing process throughout a child’s life and you should begin by modelling a good dental health practice early on, so your child sees it as a normal part of life. Dr Sangeetha Kamath visited a childcare… Read More