Allergies, Medications and Medical Conditions – Tell Your Dentist

As a health professional, your dentist needs to provide you appropriate and safe treatment.
In order to do so it’s important to inform us about any allergens you have as well as any medications you are taking. During your first visit at our clinic, we will ask you to fill out a registration form which has a section dedicated for you to provide your medical information and history. Please ensure that you provide your dentist a complete list of anything that you are allergic to such as, foods, medications, and things in the environment, including adhesives, metals, plastics and rubbers. Also be sure to mention whether you are currently taking any medications for your allergies or medical conditions you may have or if you have had any surgeries or major illnesses. By providing your medical information, and updating it regularly, you are placing yourself in the best possible situation to receive safe and effective care. This information allows your dentist to modify your dental treatment to support your medical treatment and ensures that we don’t use any medications or equipment that can put you at risk. Some medications, allergies or medical conditions can react with dental procedures or medications we use during treatments. For example:

* For patients who are allergic to latex, we use latex-free gloves instead of rubber gloves.
* Knowing your allergies to medications such as antibiotics will allow your dentist to prescribe a different medication for you, as well as ensure that your existing medication/s are compatible with any new prescribed medications.
* For woman who are in the first or last trimester of pregnancy, your dentist may delay certain treatments to maximize the safety to you and your baby.
All health and medical information provided by you is protected and highly confidential. We take several measures to protect and ensure all information is stored safety and securely at our practice. If you would like to discuss our measures in please contact us on 03 9867 1151.