The Anatomy of Your Teeth

Did you know enamel is the hardest substance in the human body? Each part of a tooth has its own unique function and properties. These parts include: * Enamel: The hardest, white part of the tooth which surrounds the visible… Read More

Oral Candidiasis

Oral candidiasis commonly known as oral thrush is a fungal infection that develops inside the mouth, tongue or throat due to an overgrowth of yeast. There are thousands of microorganisms that live inside our mouths, normally our immune system will… Read More


Sugar plays a huge role in the development of cavities. The severity of sugar’s impact on your teeth depends on the amount, type and form of sugar consumed; the amount consumed has less of an impact then how frequently its… Read More


South Yarra Family Dental Care is pleased and excited to announce that we have been awarded with QIP accreditation. we are recognised for maintaining high practice standards and adhering to guidelines and protocols. Congratulations to all our dental practitioners and… Read More

Super-foods for your teeth

* Cheese – contains calcium, phosphates and protein; nutrients that help strengthen tooth enamel. * Plain Yogurt – is high in calcium, protein and probiotics. * Leafy Greens – kale and spinach are high in vitamins and minerals. * Almonds… Read More