What is an OPG x-ray?

An Orthopantomogram commonly known as an OPG is a type of dental x-ray that produces a two-dimensional image of the entire mouth. It shows the position and growth of all the teeth, the upper and lower jaws, the temporomandibular (TMJ)… Read More

With only 9 weeks left till Christmas, it’s the perfect time to take your first step towards a Bright Healthy smile! At South Yarra Family Dental Care, we offer both in chair and at-home professional whitening. Contact us on 03… Read More

The Anatomy of Your Teeth

Did you know enamel is the hardest substance in the human body? Each part of a tooth has its own unique function and properties. These parts include: * Enamel: The hardest, white part of the tooth which surrounds the visible… Read More

Oral Candidiasis

Oral candidiasis commonly known as oral thrush is a fungal infection that develops inside the mouth, tongue or throat due to an overgrowth of yeast. There are thousands of microorganisms that live inside our mouths, normally our immune system will… Read More