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10 Tips for Staying Healthy

• Drink plenty of water • Wash your hands regularly • Be active for 30 minutes per day • Eat a well-balanced • Don’t smoke • Drink plenty of water • Wear a broad-spectrum sunscreen everyday • Brush your teeth… Read More

Sensitive Teeth

Teeth sensitivity may be caused by toothbrush abrasions (over brushing), gum recessions, fracture lines or tooth decay. The most common cause of sensitivity is gum recessions, this is normally a direct result of over brushing or gum disease. Over brushing… Read More

Bad Breath

Bad breath also known as halitosis occurs when odour producing bacteria develops in the mouth. The lack of brushing and flossing on the daily basis causes food particles to accumulate. This is a catalyst for bacteria and plaque to grow… Read More

Importance of Fluoride

Fluoride is a natural mineral, it can be found in water (fresh and salt), rocks, soil, vegetables and grains. Though fluoride is found in the environment it’s not a sufficient amount to strengthen and protect teeth. For this reason, additional… Read More