Can teeth have an impact on our personality?

While the question seems wildly bizarre, the answer to it is a yes!!!
Several noteworthy research studies have shown that, that the human smile is the first noticed thing while meeting strangers. Not only does a beautiful radiant smile form an everlasting impression on the people we meet but also aids in boosting our own self-confidence.

Recent evidence throws light on the phenomenon that, teeth form a ”dental identity” of an individual. The shape of teeth such as the canines mirror the various personality shades of that individual. In addition, our daily activities also have a long-lasting impact on our teeth. The most commonly examined phenomena of teeth grinding is indicative of a stress or anxiety inducing stimuli in an individual’s life. A visit of the dentist can help recognise these habits eventually leading to early treatment. If left untreated this habitual trait, can often trigger chronic complications in the TMJ.
The colour of our teeth also plays a critical role in our dental identity. Well maintained teeth often portray confidence, successfulness, and employability. The intake of beverages such as coffee and red wines cause extrinsic staining on the teeth surface. The dentist can recommend oral hygiene instructions to avoid these stains. Prolonged stains can be treated to a certain extent by dental procedure known as bleaching as well.

Thus, the key to a beautiful smile, portraying a radiant and positive personality lies in healthy oral health which can be achieved by periodic visits to your dentist.

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