General Anaesthesia

Some procedures may require patients to undergo a general anaesthesia, which causes a temporary loss of consciousness. General anaesthesia may be recommended prior to certain dental procedures, such as wisdom teeth extraction, or for people who have severe anxiety.
Prior to the procedure, the anaesthetist will assess the patient to insure they are fit for surgery and to discuss relevant medical history. The anaesthesia may be administered intravenously (through a vein) or by a gas mask. After a few seconds the patient will begin to feel tired then lose consciousness. The anaesthetist then inserts a small tube connected to a ventilator into the airway. Throughout the procedure the anaesthetist monitors the pulse, breathing, blood pressure and controls the duration the patient is asleep. Once the procedure is complete, other drugs may be inserted that will reverse the effect of the anaesthetic causing the patient to regain consciousness. After the procedure the patients breathing, pulse and blood pressure and level of consciousness will be recorded. Once deemed fit the patient may be released to return home.

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