Hypoplastic Teeth

Enamel hypoplasia is a developmental defect of the teeth caused by defective formation of the enamel. The formation of enamel is very delicate and any disturbances that occur during the development can cause defects, affecting primary and permanent teeth. Enamel is the first (outer) layer of the tooth and is the hardest and most mineralized substance of the body.

Common signs of hypoplastic teeth are chalky spots and yellow, brown or white patches on the teeth usually containing pits. This condition causes the teeth to be sensitive, weak and vulnerable to breakdown and decay.


Causes of hypoplasia:
• Trauma from a deciduous tooth
• Medications taken by the mother during pregnancy and overall health
during pregnancy
• Medications taken by the child during early childhood
• Chronic illness during early childhood
• Prematurity
• Nutritional factors

Treatments for Hypoplasia:

• Fluoride treatment
• Tooth mousse cream
• Composite resin tooth restoration
• Full Crown

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