Is my toothache related to my sinus issues? – Sinus Pressure vs Regular toothache.

Sinus flare often causes a lot of discomfort however, sometimes it can be the cause of dental pain as well. This blog attempts to help patients distinguish the difference between normal toothache ad sinus related toothache as well as tips for alleviating the pain in the meantime before visiting the dentist.
A toothache caused due to dental reasons will most likely involve a single tooth, the pain would be more intense and focused in nature. However, the toothache from sinus pressure is felt in several upper teeth and the pain is often felt like discomfort.
Pain due to Sinus related issues is coupled with one or a combination of the symptoms listed below.
-Runny or blocked nose
-Heaviness behind cheekbones.
-Discharge from throat
-Pain in eras
-Loss of smell and taste
-Tenderness near eyes and forehead
The pain from sinus issues is most likely to aggravate on certain movements like jumping or bending as the sinus pressure shifts causing pain in the teeth. Once the sinus pressure reduces, the teeth pain is likely to reduce as well.
Pain due to Dental origin is characterized by a combination of the symptoms below
-Pain on having something hot or cold.
-Swelling on face
-Swelling in gums
The best way to know the origin of your pain and start its treatment is to visit a dental professional and manage its symptoms.