Mouth Guard


Our front teeth are responsible for giving our face the definition it requires, loss of front tooth can cause embarrassment, speech and eating difficulties. Every year many kids, teenagers and adults are injured on the playing fields, contact sports or during other physical activities which might result in loss of the front teeth and extensive damage to the gums, dental arches and the lips. A properly fitted mouth guard, or mouth protector is an important piece of athletic gear that can protect your teeth and smile.

Types of mouth guard

Custom fitted- made by dental professionals, custom fitted to the shape of a person’s mouth, provides maximum protection.

Ready-made – Though the cheapest, they provide poor protection, often bulky and uncomfortable.

Custom fitted mouth guards

• Have excellent fit
• Doesn’t interfere in breathing or speaking
• Provides adequate protection
• Isn’t too bulky or too thin.

Caring for mouth guards

Should be remade if the fit is poor or the guard has worn off.
Should be stored in cool dry area ton prevent shape distortions due to heat.
Should be regularly cleaned.

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