Mouth Rinses


There are plenty of different types of mouth rinses on the market making it hard to differentiate between them, therefore its often asked which is the best?
Mouth rinses tend to fall into four different categories: cosmetic, therapeutic, natural (herbal rinses) and antiseptic.
• Cosmetic mouth rinses will temporarily mask bad breath and some contain whiteners to help remove surface stains however they do not offer the same protection as other mouth rinses and the effects are limited.
• Therapeutic mouth rinses often contain fluoride which helps reduce the risk of tooth decay and helps to strengthen the teeth.
• Natural mouth rinses contain no fluoride, alcohol or preservatives. They usually contain herbs and can be home-made. A pinch of salt and warm water is commonly used as a natural mouth rinse.
• Antiseptic mouth rinses contain chlorhexidine gluconate a chemical the assists in stopping the growth of bacteria and is useful for people who suffer halitosis, gum disease and mouth infection. However, chlorhexidine can cause teeth to discolour therefore should only be used for a short period of time.
If you decide to use mouth rinse as part of your daily oral hygiene routine, please keep in mind that mouth rinses cannot be used to substitute or replace brushing and flossing.

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