The Danger of an Acidic Diet

Foods and drinks that are high in acid can cause damage to the tooth enamel. Enamel erosion is problematic because unlike other materials in the human body enamel doesn’t have any living cells, therefor it cannot heal itself or grow back. Once enamel is damaged, you’ll need your dentist’s help to repair it so that it doesn’t wear away further. When enamel erosion occurs the dentin layer underneath becomes exposed, dentin is yellow in colour which makes teeth appear discoloured. Enamel erosion not only affects the appearance of teeth but can also cause teeth to become very sensitive. Common foods and drinks the contain high levels of acid include soda/energy drinks, wine, vinegar, pre-mixed alcoholic drinks, citrus juices and fruits, sports drinks, cordials and vitamin waters. To help reduce the risk of enamel erosion limit the amount of drinks and foods you consume that are high in pH after consuming a meal or drink that is high in pH rinse your mouth with water, this helps dilute the acid that lingers. After eating or drinking a meal high in pH avoid brushing your teeth for at least thirty minutes as acid softens the enamel and brushing straight after can cause damage.

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