Tongue Piercing And Oral Health


People like to express their individuality through their appearance, but not all choices are risk free. tongue piercing being one of them. Tongue piercing can be detrimental to the oral health and care should be taken in order to maintain proper oral health.

Tongue piercing can cause

• Infection
• Chipped or cracked teeth
• Gum damage
• Nerve damage (resulting in loss of sensation in the tongue)
• Ongoing pain (neuralgia)
• HIV or hepatitis from the use of non-sterile equipment

Immediately after piercing

• Avoid smoking
• Use mouthwash regularly
• Do not touch pull or tug with unclean, unwashed hand.

Once the piercing has healed

• Avoid scratching the tongue against teeth and gum to avoid cracks, chips and injuries
• Use jewellery made of materials which are less harmful to tooth structure. (like bioplast)
• Brush twice daily including the tongue around the area of the piercing.
• Oral professional help should be sought if there is any sign of damage from the piercing on the teeth or pain.

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