What is a Dry Socket

After a tooth is removed a blood clot forms in the tooth socket to seal the area and protect the bone and nerves underneath. The socket is the hole in the bone where the tooth has been extracted. A dry socket occurs when the blood clot is dislodged or dissolves, and the bone and nerve become exposed to food, drinks and air which can cause infection and extreme pain.
To ease the pain of a dry socket, you can visit your dentist who will remove debris and apply a medicated dressing to help with healing. Anti-inflammatory drugs or prescription drugs can also help to reduce discomfort. A dry socket usually heals within a week if properly cared for.
You are more likely to get a dry socket after having a tooth extracted if:
• you smoke
• you usually have a dry socket after having teeth removed
• you have poor oral hygiene
• you rinse and spit a lot after having an extraction
• you drink through a straw after having an extraction

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