Why do my teeth look stained? – Common reasons behind staining of teeth.

We all love a white and bright smile. However, that’s not the reality for most of us. It often amuses us that what goes behind staining of our teeth. If known earlier, can this staining be prevented?
South Yarra Family Dental brings to you the common reasons for teeth staining, the related habits and the severity associated with them.

    Research has been elemental in proving that smoking increases the chances of oral cancer and periodontitis. Continuous smoking causes a brownish hue to be deposited on the surface of teeth. While professional cleaning can be used to get rid of some of these stains , the stains deposited in the deep pits and grooves is often difficult to get rid off. On the other hand, vaping causes lesser damage to the teeth however, the ill-effects of tobacco are still persistent.
  2. TEA and COFFEE
    Australia witnesses a prominent coffee culture. Whether it is catching up with mates or a morning run, an expresso or latte is sure to give you company. However, beverages such as tea and coffee stain teeth over a prolonged duration. Simple tips such as rinsing your mouth post the beverage or even drinking milk along with the beverage can make a noticeable difference. Drinking through a straw can have some benefits in this regard as well.
    Like coffee, wine also causes long term discolouration on the surface of the teeth. The teeth develop a visible bluish discoloration followed by a brownish hue.
  4. Chlorhexidine
    Chlorhexidine is an anti-bacterial agent found in some mouthwashes. While it is extremely effective for killing germs, it causes discolouration on the teeth’s surface and should be used only for a short duration. It is usually recommended to use this kind of mouthwash on prescription by the dentist.

These are the most common reasons for teeth staining however they are not the only ones. Some of the other reasons include poor oral hygiene, acid erosion from food/drinks or reflux/vomiting and grinding of teeth.
Thus, the most appropriate way to know the reason behind the staining of your teeth is to get a regular check-up and clean done by a dental professional. This can not only help avoid staining in its early stages but also recognise any past effects.

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