7 Benefits of Drinking Milk


• Strong and Healthy Teeth – milk helps protect the enamel surface against acidic substances which helps prevent cavities and tooth decay.

• Healthy Bones – milk is the best source of calcium which essential for growth and strong bones. Proper calcium intake helps reduce the risk of developing osteoporosis and bone fractures when injured.

• Vitamin D – most milk produced is fortified with Vitamin D, this helps the body absorb calcium.

• Muscle Growth – milk contains proteins that are great at improving muscle growth.

• Eliminates Heartburn – acidic foods tend to cause heartburn, milk helps ease heartburn by coating the oesophagus with a cooling sensation.

• Improved Eyesight – milk helps reduce the production of cholesterol near your liver which helps to improve eyesight.

• Clear Complexion – milk contains many vitamins and nutrients that help keep your skin looking soft and glowing.

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