Benefits of water on oral health

We all know that water is great for your body and your health .

When we compare the option of water to drinking sugary drinks or fruit drinks then it is clearly more beneficial for your teeth to drink water. Bacteria love sugar so we recommend water as your ‘go-to’ to help protect your teeth.

Our bodies are made up of a large percentage of water. Water helps to remove toxins and cart nutrients around the body. It is great to reduce fatigue and drinking the right amount of water is great for your overall appearance and hydration.

Important Facts about Water and Your Teeth

Does Water Cause Tooth Decay?

Drinking water does not cause tooth decay. After you eat or drink, water is a great cleaner and as your local dentist south Yarra family dental care, we highly encourage it. It helps to wash away food particles and neutralize any acid in your mouth which can wear the outer layer of your teeth; the enamel.

Help for Dry Mouth

A dry mouth is a condition where your body is not producing enough saliva and as a result, you have that sticky, dry feeling in your mouth. Some people have an ongoing problem with dry mouth, also called xerostomia.

Drinking water helps with hydration which in turn assists with saliva production. Saliva is important for the breakdown of food and water is key to saliva production.

Water for Bad Breath

The oral microbiome can be thrown out of balance if you do not maintain a regular dental routine. With an over-abundance of bacteria, a build-up of plaque, or inadequate water intake, bad breath can result. Because water removes food particles, helps with saliva production and hydration, greater water intake may assist with bad breath as the water assists to neutralise the environment in your mouth.

Fluoride in Water

This can be a contentious subject as some people do not like having their water fluoridated. If you’re filtering your water but you still want fluoride to assist with your teeth then purchase a toothpaste with fluoride .

Overall, drinking water does help to protect your teeth and we encourage regular dental cleans and a check-up for optimal dental health.

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Follow Our Easy Tips to Make Lunchboxes Healthier

Following our seven easy tips will help make your child’s lunchboxes healthier while ensuring they have enough energy to learn and enjoy the school day.

1 Aim to include one of the five food groups: fruits and vegetables, grains, legumes and beans, dairy, and lean meat.

2 Replace biscuits, chocolates, or crisps with fresh fruit or crunchy vegetables like baby carrots and celery sticks.

3 Aim to reduce snacks high in saturated fats and sugars like muesli or granola bars, doughnuts, biscuits, and cakes.

4 Processed snacks like granola or breakfast bars should be limited to one item, and ideally, choose low sugar snacks like rice crackers and cheese.

5 Replace fruit juice with whole fruit, which contains more fiber, and is more filling while having lower sugar content.

6 Instead of a soft drink, pack a refillable bottle of water.

7 Look for snacks that are high in fiber and whole grain

How to brush with a manual toothbrush

  1. Wet the toothbrush’s bristles with a small amount of water.
  2. Squeeze the toothpaste on to the toothbrush bristles. 
  3. Place the toothbrush into your mouth at a 45-degree angle with the bristles sitting half over your teeth and half over your gums. Move the toothbrush gently in small circular or back-forward motions. Move around the mouth to reach all tooth surfaces. Begin by brushing the top right hand side teeth and then moving to brush the top left hand side teeth. Then move on to brush the lower left teeth and finally brushing the lower right hand side teeth. 
  4. Turn the toothbrush as required to reach the outside, inside and top/chewing surfaces of the teeth.
  5. Brush down to the gums to remove the bacteria sitting on the teeth in these areas. 
  6. After brushing, spit out the toothpaste foam but do not rinse your mouth with water. Not rinsing your mouth allows a layer of the fluoride toothpaste to sit on the teeth for longer, increasing protection.


Here at South Yarra Family Dental Care, we enjoy seeing your teeth returned to their original bright white colour with our personalized take-home whitening packages.

Whitening your teeth involves the use of PH-sensitive gel which is applied using a unique personal tray. Results can be seen after the first application although full results may take 5-14 days of continuous use.

You may purchase the Pola whitening gel from us at any time after receiving your initial whitening package.

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Caring for Your Baby’s Teeth

You don’t need to wait until your baby gets their first tooth to begin an oral care routine. Once your baby is about three months old, start gently wiping their gums after each feeding using a clean damp washcloth or gauze. Wiping their gums helps get rid of the residue left by formula or milk and allows your baby to become accustomed to the sensation of having their mouth cleaned so it can be easier to begin brushing their teeth when they emerge.

When your baby gets their first teeth, you can begin cleaning them using a soft baby toothbrush specially made for children under age two. We can advise you on when to start using toothpaste and the best type of toothpaste for your child. When you start using toothpaste, it’s important to use a tiny smear because your baby will not have the reflexes to spit out the excess.

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Tap water is the best drink choice for healthy teeth and for keeping your body hydrated. In most Australian communities, tap water includes fluoride which helps to protect and strengthen the teeth.