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Dental Injuries Can Be Prevented

Children love running around, playing and being on their feet always.  With their increased activity level, dental emergencies and injuries can occur.  According to research, the highest risk for injuries happen when children are at the ages of 1 to 3 and by the ages of 8 to 11, they enter high risk stage. At this age range, children take fewer precautions and increase their risk-taking options.  The good news is that parents and children can prevent a variety of the dental injuries that occur. Every parent can help prevent a dental injury by talking to your child about the following:

1.Prior to running or walking, make sure there are no objects in their mouth.

2.When riding in a car, put on a seat belt.

3.When playing contact sports, always wear a mouth-guard.

4.Chewing or sucking on hard, sharp, or pointed objects can cause teeth to break or chip.

While these dental injuries may be rampant, they can be reduced and prevented.  When these tips are followed, they can help stop the possibility of an injury waiting to happen.  Don’t forget to talk to us about your other ways you can implement dental trauma strategies that are age appropriate to further eliminate any dental injury risks.


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