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Tooth Brushing For Kids

QTwo minutes is the recommended time for brushing teeth, however it can be challenging to get your children to brush their teeth for long enough.

To young children 2 minutes feels like eternity and they often tend to rush through their dental routine, ultimately this can lead to tooth decay. Luckily this can be prevented by introducing strategies designed to make brushing fun.

Tooth Brushing for Kids
  1. A tooth brush timer or keeping a timer in the bathroom is the easiest way to ensure your child is brushing their teeth for the recommended time.
  2. Playing your child’s favourite song or tune while they brush is a fun way to insure they are brushing for long enough.
  3. Set the example by brushing your teeth with them. Challenge them to mimic how you brush.

“Sparkling smiles begin with tiny brushes – instilling the habit of tooth brushing in kids today paves the way for a lifetime of dental health and happiness.”