How acidic food and drinks affects your teeth?

Saliva helps neutralize the mouth’s acidity to restore pH and balance following food or drink
consumption. Foods and drinks like fruits, soda, juice, wine, coffee and energy drinks soften the
enamel surface by demineralising it and making it susceptible to decay and damage. Aggressive
brushing can also lead to wear of the enamel surface. Saliva works slowly and acid attacks
quickly, reducing the chance for repair. Hence wear overcomes the body’s natural response to
save damage from food and drink. It further reduces the thickness of tooth enamel which changes
the tooth’s texture, shape, strength and appearance. It also leads to sensitivity. Sensitivity is an
indicator of advanced erosion. Once sensitivity occurs, it is important to protect the tooth and
dentin (underneath layer).

Dental professionals encourage the following-
. Reduce consumption of acidic food and drink consumption whenever possible
. Using a straw to drink acidic beverages
. Drinking plenty of water following acidic consumption
. Brushing teeth twice a day